Buy them right here!

We are now offering limited quantities of our duck eggs for sale by the dozen here at the farm.  If you are interested, please contact us ahead of time to confirm availability, and make an appointment for pick up.

The current price is $12 per dozen, though this may vary seasonally.

Why $12 a dozen?  Our duck eggs are organic, GMO-free and soy-free.  During the growing season, the ducks spend their days foraging out on pasture, in paddocks that we move around from week to week.  This is an expensive, labor-intensive method to raise ducks.  However, we feel strongly that it is the best approach to bring you wonderful eggs, while at the same time keeping our ducks and landscape healthy.

For more information on how we handle the ducks, please see our description elsewhere on our website.  Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or need more information.


New retail outlet!

chocolate_runnerNo, not that kind of outlet.  Those are in Kittery, not Kensington.

We just wanted to pass on the news that Heron Pond Farm Stand on Main Avenue in South Hampton has added our eggs to their shelves.  They also carry fresh vegetables, a variety of locally-made products like cheeses and body oils, as well as seedlings for getting that garden rolling (we have some representatives of their handiwork in our own garden this year).  So pay them a visit, spend some money and support your local farmer-entrepreneurs!

Expanding the Empire!

More places to eat our eggs!

We are delighted to report that over the past few days, two more restaurants have started serving our eggs– Stages at 1 Washington in Dover and, Martingale Wharf in Portsmouth!

It’s been exciting talking with chefs on our deliveries about how they are putting our eggs to use– so many great flavors!  We’re not giving away any hints here though!  You’ll have to pay their establishments a visit and see for yourself what they are up to.


Our eggs are now available from our neighbors down the road at The Farm at Eastman’s Corner in Kensington!  Providing a retail outlet for locally grown produce, meat and eggs, dairy products and prepared foods, these folks do a great deal to support the agricultural renaissance in northern New England, as well as our own town.  Check them out.