The Ducks

The majority of our flock are heritage duck breeds (Runner and Welsh Harlequin), selected for their laying and foraging ability.  Our ducks spend their days on pasture, foraging for insects and plants.  We keep them in a paddock fenced with electro-netting to keep the ducks in and terrestrial predators out.  Every 7-14 days, we move the paddock to a new site, giving the birds access to fresh pasture and allowing the previous site a chance to recover.  Moving the paddocks around thus gives the ducks access to plenty of quality forage, while at the same time their manure fertilizes the paddock so that the pasture plants grow back vigorously once the ducks move on.  In addition to what they find on their own, we also offer them supplemental grain-based feeds which are USDA-certified Organic, GMO-free and soy-free.

They share the fields with a handful of chickens, and four Gray Saddleback Pomeranian geese.