More than just a list of links, this page serves both as a resource but also as an acknowledgement.  The individuals and organizations we mention here are our teachers and colleagues.  Some might be helping us along the way, or maybe we are taking inspiration from their work.  Whatever their connection to The Emergent Farm, we think they’re worth paying attention to!  It’s a work in progress.  This list will grow as we grow.

The Resilience Hub (and the Portland, Maine Permaculture Meet-Up):  Permaculture training (where we took ours), consulting and a network of people doing exciting work in food production and community-building.  They host a lot of excellent, informal skill-sharing events.  Great folks.

American Pastured Poultry Producers Association (APPPA): They run an excellent listserv– a very supportive community.

PERMIE KIDs: Here at The Emergent Farm, we don’t just raise duck and plant trees, but we also are raising a family.  Drawing inspiration from the principles of Permaculture, PERMIE KIDs hosts many valuable resources for raising children to be Problem solvers, Ethical, Resilient, Mindful, Innovative, Empathetic, Kind, Inquisitive and Driven (get it? PERMIE KID!).  These resources include a great podcast, online courses and a supportive community of parent-educators headed in the same direction.

Loudonshire Farm: Fellow waterfowl producers in Loudon, New Hampshire.  They raise ducks and geese for the table, heritage sheep, goats, and more.  They’re very interested in building and strengthening local waterfowl production capacity, community and markets, and so are we.  Plus, their birds are happy, healthy and importantly, delicious!

More to come!